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National Chili Dog Day - 2021-07-29
What is National Chili Dog Day?
A chili dog takes two of America's favourite things, hot dogs and chili, and combines them into one crazy, messy, and delicious meal. Add to it your favourite hot dog topping and you've got possibly your new favourite go to ball park meal. There are so many ways to add variety to this simple and delicious junk food recipe that pretty much anyone you speak to will have done it differently. Change out the type of bun, frank, or toppings you use or use a different recipe for the chili and you've already got tons of variations! What's your favourite way to enjoy a chili dog?
When is National Chili Dog Day?
On the final Thursday of July, hot dog fanatics nationwide celebrate the greatest invention since the hot dog itself, the chili dog.
History of National Chili Dog Day
We have not been able to find the creator of this national day.
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