National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

August 4, 2021

What Is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?

Chocolate chip cookies are the most popular and iconic flavoured cookie throughout the United States. A simple cookie dough is put together from sugar, eggs, flour, and butter, and chocolate chips or chocolate chunks are folded in right at the end. The result is a delicious, chewy cookie with bursts of chocolate flavour all throughout. This delicious flavour explosion is probably why us Americans love these cookies so much! They’re also so easy to customise and expand on, by using different types and qualities of chocolate or playing around with the sugar content of the recipe.

When Is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on August 4th celebrates America’s most iconic cookie!

History Of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

We have been unable to find the origins of this national holiday.


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