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National Chocolate Custard Day - 2021-05-03
What is National Chocolate Custard Day?
Every year on May 3rd, Americans celebrate National Chocolate Custard Day. This holiday is a great excuse to eat a delicious pudding-like dessert made from eggs and milk. Custards are made by blending eggs and milk or cream and heating the mixture. The consistency of custard depends on the recipe the chef chooses. If a chef wants a crème Anglaise, he or she will blend eggs with milk and cream, heat them on the stove, and serve it as a thin liquid. If they want to make a crème Brulee, they will follow a different recipe that calls for heating the mixture in an oven until it is firm. Custard is a versatile dessert. It can be placed between layers of cake or used as the main filling in a pie or tart. It can also be used as a frosting for cake or cupcakes. It can be piped through dainty nozzles and sprinkled with whipped cream.  
When is National Chocolate Custard Day?
National Chocolate Custard Day is celebrated each year on May 3rd.
History of National Chocolate Custard Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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