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National Chocolate Day - 2021-10-28
What is National Chocolate Day?
Have you ever met someone who doesn't like chocolate? Didn’t think so! Chocolate is a popular treat worldwide and has been around for centuries. In 1868, Cadbury’s was created in England and the world had its first taste of this delicious candy. The popularity of chocolate quickly spread with the creation of Nestle and Hershey’s around the same time. There are many types of chocolate. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk, chocolate, and even unsweetened baking chocolate. With a variety of flavors, such as mint, whole-nut, biscuit, and even Turkish Delight to choose from, everyone has a favorite. While it may sound unbelievable, chocolate can also be healthy. Dark chocolate can reduce stress and also aid with weight loss. As if we needed another reason to indulge in a chocolate bar! Celebrate National Chocolate Day this year by indulging in your favorite chocolate bar or visiting a restaurant and ordering a sweet chocolatey dessert. Ignore the guilt and post your pictures and delicious chocolate recipes on social media with #ChocolateDay.
When is National Chocolate Day?
Chocolate lovers celebrate this sweet day on October 28th every year.
History of National Chocolate Day
The National Confectioners Association founded National Chocolate Day in 2009.
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