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National Cinnamon Bun Day - 2021-10-04
What is National Cinnamon Bun Day?
Cinnamon buns, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and cinnamon Danish. Whatever you choose to call it, we can all agree that this warm buttery sugar treat is a favorite in many households across America – and the world. Enjoyed hot or cold, cinnamon buns are the perfect snack. National Cinnamon Bun Day was created to honor these delicious Scandinavian pastries. If you need any more reason to enjoy a Cinnamon Bun, cinnamon has antioxidant properties which can protect you from free radicals and helps to reduce inflammation. If you are especially daring, the American Cinnabon Classic has a Gut Bomb cinnamon bun, which contains a whopping 880 calories and is made using 14 teaspoons of sugar. You can celebrate National Cinnamon Bun Day by ordering a bun from your favorite bakery, learning how to bake them yourself, or even just inviting friends over and indulging in Cinnamon Buns and coffee.
When is National Cinnamon Bun Day?
Cinnamon sprinkles and cinnamon buns all day on October 4th. It's National Cinnamon Bun Day on this day every year!
History of National Cinnamon Bun Day
National Cinnamon Bun Day was founded by the Home Baking Council of Sweden in 1999 to mark its 40th anniversary of delivering baked goods and recipes.
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