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National Cinnamon Crescent Day - 2022-04-10
What is National Cinnamon Crescent Day?
On the 10th of every April, Americans enjoy a pastry called cinnamon rolls. Each year, they get excited about this food and bake it at home. Cinnamon rolls are delicious and sugary. They cause mouths to water. This year, you can find out all about cinnamon rolls and how to make them on National Cinnamon Crescent Day, April 10, 2021. Crescent rolls are a sweet, buttery, and flaky baked good that is shaped like a crescent. Adding cinnamon to the dough gives you an extra boost of fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin K and manganese. These rolls are delicious served hot from the oven, but they are also great served at room temperature. Don't make the mistake of making only one batch. It's easy to make too much. You may want to consider doubling or tripling the recipe at first. The crescent roll is similar to the croissant, because it's light and flaky on the outside, but warm and buttery on the inside.    
When is National Cinnamon Crescent Day?
Every year, cinnamon rolls are celebrated on April 10 as National Cinnamon Crescent Day.
History of National Cinnamon Crescent Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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