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National Civics Day - 2021-10-27
What is National Civics Day?
A Federalist Paper is a foundational text for American democracy. It was published on October 27, 1787. The day celebrates civic education all over the country, and it also commemorates the date that the Federalist Papers were first published. It is important that our students learn how to be good citizens. Governments are not self-sufficient, and they rely on people who have good civic mindsets to continue our constitutional democracy. A civic-minded society must understand some basic roles and responsibilities of our country. A civics education teaches students how to think critically, communicate, and be active in their communities. Civics helps students develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. The importance of voting, volunteering, community projects, and public speaking cannot be overstated. In fact, these are all things that can be achieved by writing a letter or an email to your representatives.
When is National Civics Day?
National Civics Day is celebrated on October 27th!
History of National Civics Day
The Society of Presidential Descendants and the Roosevelt School—an element of Long Island University—created National Civics Day in 2021 to honor the value of civics. They felt that increased civic education would be a great way to develop a strong democracy.
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