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National CleanUp Day - 2021-09-18
What is National CleanUp Day?
National CleanUp Day encourages to action with cleaning up campaigns and projects in our communities. If each of us joins in, we could clean up in no time. Start on September 18th with us! Our streets, parks, lakes, and oceans, are completely littered with debris, trash and other waste that doesn't belong there. It makes our communities unsafe and unclean. Our communities are our homes, safe spaces, and where our children play. On this national day, let us join to clean up one piece of trash at a time to make our homes safer and cleaner for ourselves, our families, and our neighbours. Start small in your own neighbourhood - and work your way to parks, beaches, forests, and oceans!
When is National CleanUp Day?
On the third Saturday of every September, we recognize National CleanUp Day to raise awareness of cleanup efforts and campaigns in our communities that help to make our towns and cities cleaner and safer.
History of National CleanUp Day
National CleanUp Day was founded by a variety of organizations that support cleaning up our public and private spaces. The day teaches us to respect our homes, communities, and planet.
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