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National Clerihew Day - 2021-07-10
What is National Clerihew Day?
A Clerihew is a form of poetry that was invented by English novelist Edmund Clerihew Bentley. Poems written in this form usually are made of four lines, contain a rhyme scheme of AA/BB, include a person's name in the first line, and must be biographical and humorous. The Clerihew is meant to be a whimsical and fun form of poetry that draws smiles and chuckles from readers. Celebrate the day by writing fun little Clerihews about people in your life and share on social media using #NationalClerihewDay.
When is National Clerihew Day?
July 10th of each year celebrates an unusual form of poetry, the Clerihew.
History of National Clerihew Day
The Clerihew was invented when Edmund Clerihew Bentley (July 10, 1875 – March 30, 1956) was 16. National Clerihew Day is celebrated annually on Bentley's birthday.
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