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National Cold Cuts Day - 2022-03-03
What is National Cold Cuts Day?
Today is National Cold Cuts Day. It's a day for all those who love sandwiches and snacks to celebrate their favorite meat products. Some people like them thick, while others stack them mile high. And some people just like them with cheese and crackers. However you like them, today is a day for cold cuts lovers. When it comes to cold-cut meats, you can have your turkey and ham. But if you want something else, there are plenty of different meats to choose from. If you like Italian cuisine, there are many types of Italian sausages like salami and prosciutto. If you like more traditional American tastes, there are plenty of options like bologna and head cheese. And if you're vegetarian, you're out of luck.
When is National Cold Cuts Day?
National Cold Cuts Day is celebrated annually on 3 March!
History of National Cold Cuts Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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