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National College Colors Day - 2021-09-03
What is National College Colors Day?
Rocking your college colors and team apparel shows your team spirit and college pride. It doesn’t matter whether your college days are a thing of the past, you’ve recently graduated, or even if you’re on campus right now. Donning your alma mater’s colors unites you to an exclusive club, to a comradeship that spans and unites people across sporting codes and decades. Every year on the Friday before Labor Day across the United States, business leaders, teachers, alumni, and supporters proudly wear their college colors. At a football game, soccer pitch, or baseball diamond, your chest will swell with pride in the sea of color of fellow supporters. Bring out those college jackets, football jerseys, or old team t-shirts. Show your college’s strength on this special day.
When is National College Colors Day?
National College Colors Day on the Friday before Labor Day allows for everyone to display their team spirit.
History of National College Colors Day
College Colors Day was founded by the College Licensing Company in 2004.
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