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National Color Day - 2021-10-22
What is National Color Day?
A rainbow of colors. Brighter the better. National Color Day is observed as a way of appreciating the natural colors of the world. On October 22nd each year, spend a few moments learning how colors influence our moods, productivity, behavior, and the world around us. You'll be surprised by the ways in which colors can affect our state of minds - think of seeing a flashing red light in a dark room, and you'll immediately think of a warning and emergency situation. Different colors are associated with different things and meanings. The most common colors and meanings in the U.S. are: Red: excitement, love, strength Yellow: happiness Green: envy and relaxation Blue: corporate and high quality Pink: sophistication and sincerity Violet/Purple: authority and power Brown: ruggedness Black: grief and fear White: happiness and purity Wear your emotions through the color of your choice of clothes today. Shwo them on social media with #NationalColorDay.
When is National Color Day?
National Color Day is recognized on October 22nd each year as a day to appreciate the natural colors of the world. Wear your brightest and most colorful clothes today!
History of National Color Day
We couldn't establish the founder of National Color Day, but as soon as we do we'll update it here.
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