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National Colorado Day - 2022-04-12
What is National Colorado Day?
On April 12th, Colorado will celebrate its Centennial. The 38th state to join the Union, Colorado is known as the Rocky Mountain State. Prehistoric Colorado comes to life at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. This monument contains one of the most abundant deposits of fossils in the world while offering visitors views of the Rocky Mountains. Rocky Mountain National Park has the highest peaks in Colorado, known as 14ers. These mountains are extremely attractive to hikers and rock climbers. With their rugged landscape, these mountains are an adventure for adventure seekers. Colorado is a land of abundant wildlife and natural resources. Ancient Pueblos once lived along the cliff walls of Mesa Verde. Spanish explorers originally came to Colorado seeking gold. After Colorado became a U.S. territory, Lieutenant Zebulon Pike explored the vast new land. A mountain he predicted would never be scaled has since been named for him. Colorado is a great place to ski, but that's not all. The state has the tallest sand dunes in North America. They are so tall, people can actually board down them. Colorado is also known for its role in space exploration. The state has the 21st Space Wing, which is part of the U.S. Air Force, and many other space-related facilities. Colorado has a rich history of military service, including the unsinkable Molly Brown.
When is National Colorado Day?
We celebrated National Colorado Day annually on April 12th!
History of National Colorado Day
The Centennial State turns 100 years old on April 12th. Colorado became the 38th state to join the Union in 1876.
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