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National Coloring Book Day - 2021-08-02
What is National Coloring Book Day?
Coloring books have been around for ages, about as long as anyone can remember. With such a simple premise, blank outlined images ready to be colored in, its amazing that they inspire such creativity and imagination. Though they started out as a fun activity for children to partake in or to keep entertained, in recent years adults have been rediscovering the joy and fun of coloring themselves. It has become an excellent method of stress relief and publishers have made an entire industry out of printing intricate designs for adults to color in. On National Coloring Book Day, if you haven't already gotten hooked on the activity, get yourself and your kid some coloring books and have a blast exploring your imaginations.
When is National Coloring Book Day?
Bring out your creative side on August 2nd, National Coloring Book Day.
History of National Coloring Book Day
National Coloring Book Day was established in 2015 by Dover Publications who publish a range of coloring books specifically for adults called Creative Haven.
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