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National Comfy Day - 2022-02-20
What is National Comfy Day?
The Comfy is a huge hug. It's not just for your neck anymore. The Comfy Company has other products that make people happy, too. They have a program called Comfy Cares. The company sells its products in 100 countries, has over 30,000 5-star reviews, and has been featured on Good Morning America and USA Today. Comfortable is a word we use to describe how we feel. We all have things or places that make us feel relaxed and secure. Some people wrap themselves in a blanket. Others enjoy a walk on the beach. Comfortable can even be a pet or a hoodie.  
When is National Comfy Day?
On February 20th we celebrate National Comfy Day!
History of National Comfy Day
The Comfy Bros” founded National Comfy Day to be celebrated on February 20th, in 2017
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