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National Common Courtesy Day - 2021-03-21
What is National Common Courtesy Day?
On March 21st, Common Courtesy Day, we are reminded that common courtesy is what keeps society from falling into anarchy. Common Courtesy Day brings awareness to the fact that common courtesy is what keeps our lives together. Saying "please" and "thank you" is a sign of courtesy. If you want something, be polite and appreciative. Sometimes we don't realize how powerful these simple gestures can be. Kindness and courtesy do go a long way and are noticed by others even if you do not realize it. It's easy to let someone go ahead of you in traffic. It's easy to hold open a door, give someone a hand with their groceries, or give up your seat on the bus. It's easy to introduce yourself or welcome new employees at school and take the time to show them around. If you are unfriendly, start practicing courtesy. Common Courtesy Day is your opportunity to change your life. If you start practicing courtesy, not only will others appreciate it, but you will feel good about it, too.
When is National Common Courtesy Day?
National Common Courtesy Day is observed annually on March 21st.
History of National Common Courtesy Day
National Common Courtesy Day has been observed since at least 2003.
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