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National Compliance Officer Day - 2021-09-26
What is National Compliance Officer Day?
September 26th is National Compliance Officer Day. These professionals are responsible for overseeing the policies and procedures of an organization, ensuring its ethical conduct. They are legally obligated to ensure the company stays compliant, which means they carry a great burden. In the past, businesses in the same industry would be in competition. But today, these organizations are more likely to be working together. In fact, businesses, non-profits, and government organizations hire Chief Compliance Officers to ensure that their policies conform with regulatory standards. These professionals also respond to allegations of misconduct and evaluate procedures. Compliance Officers offer a critical service for businesses. They must be able to skillfully handle complex issues and promote ethical behavior. Businesses are always changing, and Compliance Officers must respond appropriately. Their fast-paced schedules involve a great deal of risk and stress. They protect thousands of employees and watch over them like superheroes. Compliance Officers don't have superpowers, but they do have skills and training that help keep companies safe and operating legally.
When is National Compliance Officer Day?
Compliance Officer Day is recognized every September 26.
History of National Compliance Officer Day
On September 26, SAI Global launched National Compliance Officer Day. SAI Global created the day to honor the men and women who keep organizations honest. These dedicated officers are the foundation of integrity in a successful business. The day is an opportunity for the public to show the men and women in charge of ensuring organizations operate with integrity that their work is valued.
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