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National Corn Chip Day - 2022-01-29
What is National Corn Chip Day?
Charles Elmer Doolin is the man who popularized corn chips in America. Although he didn’t invent them, this Texan ran a candy store and wanted to introduce an additional snack food item for increased sales - so he thought about frying tortillas which quickly became too stale if sold outside his shop before finding fried dough strips at gas stations that would sell well because they could stay fresh much longer than other snacks on sale there like gum or cigarettes. Eureka moment moments can come from anywhere really; even things you've never planned around!
When is National Corn Chip Day?
It's National Corn Chip Day! Make your mouth water with this delicious and spicy treat on January 29th.
History of National Corn Chip Day
Named one of the best inventions by Time magazine in 2009 (no surprise there), corn chips will always have a special place as an American favorite. But on January 29th, grab some food-on-the-go from our server today to enjoy alongside that delicious toppings bar — just don't forget about those crispy edges!
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