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National Corned Beef Hash Day - 2021-09-27
What is National Corned Beef Hash Day?
The 27th of September is National Corned Beef Hash Day. It is a holiday that adds flavor to every meal by cleaning out your fridge. Using up leftovers is a great way to cook. Corned beef hash became popular during World War II. Since then, it has become a staple in the American diet. It was born out of necessity since people were limited in resources during the war. They had to use up their leftovers, so they got creative with spices and herbs. Everyone had to be thrifty, so no food went to waste. Hormel claims it introduced corned beef hash and roast beef hash to the United States as early as 1950. However, World War II reporter Betty Wason lists a corned beef hash recipe in her 1943 cookbook. Since the 19th century, Americans have been eating hash. Hash has been a part of American cuisine for decades, and it’s even become a nickname for some restaurants. There are numerous recipes available before that time, which is evidence of Americans’ love of hash.
When is National Corned Beef Hash Day?
September 27th is National Corned Beef Hash Day
History of National Corned Beef Hash Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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