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National Costume Swap Day - 2021-10-09
What is National Costume Swap Day?
Spooky Season again and nothing to wear? A costume swap day might be just the thing you need. October sees the start of the Fall theater season and Halloween in the US. These events require costumes which could set you back a fair amount. Why not grab some friends and do a costume swap? Swapping clothes is an environmentally friendly way of clearing out your closet and making space for new items. It is also a great money-saving option. For theater folk, dressing the cast is a costly exercise. The theater industry can benefit by swapping their costumes for different ones. If you need a spunky new outfit for Halloween, organize a swap day with friends, your neighborhood, or school. National Costume Swap Day is the perfect day to clear out and refresh your closet.
When is National Costume Swap Day?
It is only fitting that we celebrate National Costume Swap Day in time for Halloween. Celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of October, get ready to swap your costume on October 9th, 2021.
History of National Costume Swap Day
Founded by in 2010, National Costume Swap Day aims to promote a cheap and environmentally friendly way to find an outfit for Halloween.
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