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National Countdown Day - 2021-03-21
What is National Countdown Day?
Today is National Countdown Day. Not because of any particular historical event, but rather because of the numbers of the date. It’s 3/21…or 3-2-1…which looks like a countdown. Some of life’s greatest moments begin with a countdown: Like the rocket launch that took humans to the moon for the first time, or The Indy 500. What things do you count down to? For many, the answer is the weekend. Or, if you’re a popcorn-lover, that delicious snack that you can pop in the microwave. In fact, most people probably don’t think about their everyday activities as “countdowns.” But they are! And one of those everyday activities is binge-watching shows with your favorite snacks. You've probably heard of countdowns like the opening of the baseball season, the beginning of hunting season, or the first day of school. But what about an election countdown? Or tax day? Countdowns can be either positive or negative. Sometimes, they depend on the outcome of other countdowns.
When is National Countdown Day?
National Countdown Day is observed on March 21!
History of National Countdown Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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