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National Craft Jerky Day - 2021-11-27
What is National Craft Jerky Day?
Convenience stores, gas stations and supermarkets all across the United States offer traditional jerky in individual servings as well. They also sell it for on-the-go meals or when you're craving some tasty beef strips warmed up at home with your favorite spices! Trying out different flavors of delicious snacks has become a new trend among Americans who love trying something new every day while still enjoying their favorites from back home.
When is National Craft Jerky Day?
Celebrated on the 27th of November is National Craft Jerky day
History of National Craft Jerky Day
The Peruvian people have enjoyed versions of beef jerky for thousands of years. The first early variation can be traced back to ancient Egyptians, but it wasn't until recently that this foodstuff started evolving into what we know today as "beef" jerky in modern times with tribes living high up on the Andes Mountains near Lima - particularly those located at around 5500 meters above sea level who lived off their land cattle herds which provided them sustenance by way or protein without having access other sources like cereal crops necessary due solely animal husbandry reasons why these communities thrived during hard economic times when there were scarce resources available too many others not just meat dishes!
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