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National Cranberry Relish Day - 2021-11-22
What is National Cranberry Relish Day?
Do you love a good cranberry sauce? I do, and that's why this is so interesting to me. It all started back in 1912 when Marcus L Urann (that would be pronounced "Marcus Lo") teamed up with Elizabeth Lee who suffered from arthritis-type pain as well as nausea caused by fasting during menstruation because she didn't want the bloodstains on her clothes or sheets after going through this difficult period of time without food intake - both were very common ailments at that point! Together they created what we now know today: canned jellied delicacies made out of fresh berries which had been originally harvested off bogs across the Massachusetts Bay Region where Mr. Urealn grew most varieties used within these products.
When is National Cranberry Relish Day?
Every year, on November 22nd cranberry lovers across the country, celebrate National Cranberry Relish Day. This is a day meant for celebrating all things related to this nutritious fruit that can be found in your standard grocery store or organic market!
History of National Cranberry Relish Day
In 1912, Marcus L. Urann and Elizabeth Lee started working together to create a jellied sauce that was concocted by boiling the bruised berries from their bog in Massachusetts. The canning process for this delicacy began in 1941 when they noticed people preferred having it ready-to-eat rather than cooking with fresh ingredients or making jams & jellies from scratch which took much longer back then
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