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National Crawfish Day - 2022-04-17
What is National Crawfish Day?
On April 17th, Americans celebrate National Crawfish Day. The day celebrates one of the South’s most iconic foods. The food brings out a desire for newspaper-covered picnic tables and a unique language. Crawfish is a delicious, smaller, fresh-water lobster. It provides a unique flavor to homegrown Southern dishes. Usually boiled or baked, crawfish is seasoned with a distinctive brand of southern heat. One particularly popular way to serve crawfish is a boil. Paper towels are required for this particular dish. You haven’t experienced a crawfish boil until you’ve dug into the food. An uncontrollable hunger overcomes you as you smell the delicious aroma. You can’t wait to devour a massive pile of corn, potatoes, and sausage. It doesn’t stop there though. You will also be treated to a variety of seafood, including ditchbug, crayfish, crawdad, crawpappy, and even other amusing names.
When is National Crawfish Day?
National Crawfish Day is celebrated annually on April 17th!
History of National Crawfish Day
Shell Shack founded National Crawfish Day on April 17, 2020.
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