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National Croissant Day - 2022-01-30
What is National Croissant Day?
National Croissant Day is a day to honor the sweet, rich pastries that have been enjoyed for centuries by honorable individuals. This may be due in part because they taste so good and can provide energy when you're feeling tired or undernourished! The first recorded instance of this celebration was back on January 30th, 1837 where Charles Brisseau founded Le Neuvedent restaurant with his wife Marie Augereau-Larivière after he opened a business selling croissants at Patte d'Oie market near Paris France. Ever since then there has only been growing as more restaurants join them across countries just like Canada !!!
When is National Croissant Day?
National Croissant Day is an annual event that celebrates this delicious, flaky pastry. The date of this special occasion falls on January 30th.
History of National Croissant Day
National Croissant Day has been celebrated since 1990 when France introduced their now famous Michelin-starred Galette des Rois (king cake).
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