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National Curl Crush Day - 2021-03-16
What is National Curl Crush Day?
National Curl Crush Day on March 16th is a day when everyone can show off their curls. It's a day to celebrate the glory of natural, gorgeous curls. More than 75% of women have wished for a different texture of hair. They also envy curly hair more than any other kind.Curls are popular now, but they were often mocked in the past. Now, the time is right to celebrate all of your curly hair. Curl Crush Day occurs on March 16th, and it’s all about you and all of the curly hair that you have. Carol’s Daughter founded National Curl Crush Day in 2021 to encourage women to stop wishing for someone else’s curls and instead be their own curl crush! They’re on a mission to celebrate and empower everyone to embrace and show off their beautiful, natural hair.
When is National Curl Crush Day?
National Curl Crush Day is celebrated on March 16th!
History of National Curl Crush Day
Carol’s Daughter created National Curl Crush Day to stop women wishing for other people’s curls. Instead, they can be their own curl crush!
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