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National Cut the Cord Day - 2022-02-09
What is National Cut the Cord Day?
To save money on entertainment, you might cut the cord. That is, you might replace expensive TV bundles with streaming services and a TV antenna. This will save you lots of money. "Cord-cutting" is the colloquial term for when a viewer gets rid of their cable or satellite subscription. These viewers are referred to as "cord-cutters." In this new era, it’s not easy to choose the right TV setup. Cable companies used to make it easy, but now consumers have to pick from a dozen different hardware options and select from an ever-growing list of streaming services, from Netflix and Sling TV to newcomers such as Disney+. Adding an over-the-air TV antenna to the mix creates even further headache potential.  
When is National Cut the Cord Day?
Celebrate National Cut the Cord Day on February 9th by cutting the cord!
History of National Cut the Cord Day
National Cut the Cord Day was founded by Sling TV to commemorate the day the service launched in 2015.
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