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National Dadgum That's Good Day - 2021-03-01
What is National Dadgum That's Good Day?
On March 1st, National Dadgum That’s Good Day ushers in a season of delicious seasonings, savory cooking, and overall good times spent with family. “Dadgum! That’s Good!” is much more than just a Southern phrase and the title of John McLemore’s best-selling cookbook series. It’s the summation of a life’s work in creating delicious food with his world-class The signature dishes and cooking style of John McLemore are so good in the South that people say “DADGUM That’s Good!” The McLemores show their love for others by sharing meals and stories at the table. He has appeared on national television, and he wants to make cooking accessible and simple for everyone. DADGUM good! Whether you’re out with your family, at home cooking, or planning a meal for a crowd, it’s an incredibly delicious day to celebrate all things delicious.
When is National Dadgum That's Good Day?
National Dadgum That's Good Day is celebrated annually on the 1st of March.
History of National Dadgum That's Good Day
Columbus, Georgia's Masterbuilt wants to make a day to celebrate dads and food. It is called National Dadgum That's Good Day.
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