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National Day of Forgiveness - 2021-09-27
What is National Day of Forgiveness?
September 28th is the National Day of Forgiveness. We should all develop realistic methods for forgiving ourselves and others. Forgiving ourselves can lead to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Forgiveness is powerful. But, the act of forgiveness is not enough. Forgiveness teaches us about ourselves as much as it teaches us about others. For example, when a person suffers mental or emotional pain, grief, or trauma, forgiveness can set us on a path of healing. Furthermore, forgiveness can also develop into a practice that teaches us to value compassion, kindness, and love. Relationships do not always remain the same after we forgive someone. The relationship might change completely, and that's okay. Sometimes we must accept that a relationship is over. Choosing to forgive is a way to heal and move on, but it doesn't mean we condone the behavior. Forgiveness can help repair some relationships, especially if the other person understands that forgiveness does not mean you forget what happened. Forgiveness is a decision. It does not always happen instantaneously, but can be built up over time. Forgiveness is not an option unless you are willing to work at it. Forgiveness is not one-and-done, but rather a process that can continue for years.  
When is National Day of Forgiveness?
National Day of Forgiveness is observed on September 27th,
History of National Day of Forgiveness
In 2021, Melissa Reese: the Pursuit Guru, founded National Day of Forgiveness. She is on a mission to help people overcome that which causes them mental and emotional pain, grief, trauma, “stuckness,” and discomfort.
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