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National Day of the Deployed - 2021-10-26
What is National Day of the Deployed?
Are you a military spouse or do you have a loved one who is a part of the armed forces? If you are, you will know the longing that comes with deployment. The US military employs thousands of troops who sacrifice time with their families to serve their countries. Often deploying for anywhere from 90 days to 15 months, their sacrifice, as well as those of their families, is great. National Day of the Deployed honored these military personnel. It is a fantastic way to say, “thank you” and acknowledge all their demanding work and sacrifice to keep America safe. You can acknowledge these diligent men and women this National Day of the Deployed by donating to the USO - United Service Organizations - which supports the troops and their families. Send a care package to your loved ones in the armed forces and let them know they are loved and appreciated. Post your messages and tributes on social media using #NationalDeployedDay.
When is National Day of the Deployed?
We celebrate National Day of the Deployed on October 26 every year.
History of National Day of the Deployed
Shelle Michaels Aberle found this day in 2006. Aberle approached the then governor of North Dakota, John Hoeven, to honor his cousin David Hosna, a major in the US Army on deployment and all other deployed forces. As of 2012, all 50 American states observe National Day of the Deployed.
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