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National Deep Fried Clams Day - 2021-11-01
What is National Deep Fried Clams Day?
Fried clams are a popular food in the US. They are also known as Ipswich clams because they come from Ipswich, Massachusetts. Clams are dipped in milk and rolled in flour before being deep-fried. The dish is served at many restaurants located near the sea, and it is served with tartar sauce. The fried clams became popular with many people who visited the seaside for Independence Day celebrations on July 4th. The popularity of the fried clams led to them being featured on menus by restaurants and food shacks alike.
When is National Deep Fried Clams Day?
National Deep Fried Clams Day, an annual observance of the popular seafood dish on November 1st.
History of National Deep Fried Clams Day
The modern deep-fried, breaded clams was created by Chubby Woodman in Essex, Massachusetts. He is said to have cooked the first batch on July 3, 1916.
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