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National Dentist's Day - 2021-03-06
What is National Dentist's Day?
On March 6th, we celebrate National Dentist’s Day. It’s a day you can thank the person who keeps your smile healthy and sparkling — your dentist! We usually go to the dentist with a lot of trepidation. We would rather be somewhere else than in a dental chair. Dentists are not our favorite people to see. But after we leave their offices, we can actually say that our teeth are cleaner and healthier. We don't have toothaches anymore and feel so much better. We really do appreciate what dentists have done for us. When we need to see a dentist, they are the person we count on. Their office sends us reminders to come in for routine check-ups and to schedule us for appointments. They create plans of care and make sure our smiles look great.
When is National Dentist's Day?
History of National Dentist's Day
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