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National Dessert Day - 2021-10-14
What is National Dessert Day?
No matter if you've bought your dessert from your local bakery, supermarket, or cooked it up in your kitchen: National Dessert Day should be held more than once a year we think. Enjoy your pastries, fruits, ice cream, pies, cobblers, candies, tarts, cookies, donuts, cakes, and more on October 14th. Sweet, savoury, or a souffle? Make sure you don't skip on your dessert today. It IS the most important meal of the day, today. Forget counting calories today. Forget about your diet just for today. Dive into your favourite dessert and share it on social media with #NationalDessertDay. Invite your friends and family to a dessert-only dinner or make one with your children to observe this delicious day.
When is National Dessert Day?
How can we forget that National Dessert Day is held every year on October 14th? This is the sweetest day of the year!
History of National Dessert Day
We can't find the origins of National Dessert Day, but as soon as we do we will be sure to update this national day.
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