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National Devil Dog Day - 2022-04-27
What is National Devil Dog Day?
On April 27th, celebrate National Devil Dog Day! The day honors the devilish snack cake and the service members nicknamed after it. A popular treat that was born in the mid-1920s, Devil Dogs are now a widely popular snack food. This dessert consists of a layer of cream filling sandwiched between two layers of devil’s food cake. The first company to create Devil Dogs was Drake’s Cakes in 1926. The Marines’ tenacity in World War I got them a nickname. The legend goes that German soldiers started calling the Marines "devil dogs" for their bravery. The Marines' bravery was so intense that even an odd German expression that translates literally to "dog devil" came into common use. A U.S. recruiting poster capitalized on this new name, and it stuck. The Marines fought fiercely in Europe, and sports teams and poets wrote about their bravery. Movies were even created about these fierce warriors. All of these things added to the legacy of the devil dogs.
When is National Devil Dog Day?
National Devil Dog Day is celebrated each year on April 24th!
History of National Devil Dog Day
Ryan Honeycutt founded National Devil Dog Day to share the history of Devil Dogs.
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