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National Diatomaceous Earth Day - 2021-08-31
What is National Diatomaceous Earth Day?
Diatomaceous earth is a household necessity, whether you realize it or not. We use it to clean our pools or as a natural insecticide in our gardens. It is a type of rock found in deposits all over the world, from France to China, to the US. It is formed by dying diatoms, to put it simply, and most of the deposits we use formed millions of years ago. DE has been used since ancient times, with Greeks using them as building material. It was rediscovered in 1836 by Peter Kasten who saw that it could be used to absorb, filtrate, polish, and stablize. It is now used as a filter in alcohol production or to refine chemicals for food and medicine. It is truly remarkable!
When is National Diatomaceous Earth Day?
On August 31st, we pay homage to the wonderful mineral created by diatoms, Diatomaceous Earth!
History of National Diatomaceous Earth Day
EP Minerals established National Diatomaceous Earth Day to celebrate this fascinating naturally created material.
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