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National Dictionary Day - 2021-10-16
What is National Dictionary Day?
Have you ever wondered why a fork is called a fork? Or a table is called a table? The words we use today came from the dictionary. The first dictionary was published in 1806 by American Noah Webster. The very next year, Webster began compiling his second dictionary. This would take him 27 years and required him to learn 26 languages. Webster’s dictionary was the first to make use of English American spelling on words like color, favorite, and more. It contained 27,000 words and sold 2,500 copies. Webster published the second edition in two volumes. To celebrate the creation of the widely used dictionary, National Dictionary Day was created to honor Noah Webster. To celebrate National Dictionary Day, learn an unfamiliar word, or the history of your favorite word. Play word games like Scrabble with friends and family and test your language skills. Share your scores on social media using #DictionaryDay.
When is National Dictionary Day?
National Dictionary Day is celebrated on October 16 to pay tribute to Noah Webster, the creator of the first dictionary. Webster was born on October 16, 1758.
History of National Dictionary Day
The origin of this wordy day is unknown, but we will continue to research its history.
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