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National Different Colored Eyes Day - 2021-07-12
What is National Different Colored Eyes Day?
Having two different coloured eyes is a genetic condition called heterochromia. This colour difference can be in the iris, part of one iris, or the outer ring of the iris. These are each a different type of heterochromia and is generally caused by an excess or lack of melanin distribution in the iris. In many cases, heterochromia is hereditary but can also be caused by disease, syndrome, or injury. If you or someone you know has heterochromia, share your fascinating story using #DifferentColoredEyesDay on social media.
When is National Different Colored Eyes Day?
The eyes are the window to the soul. Celebrate those who have two different coloured eyes on July 12th, National Different Coloured Eyes Day.
History of National Different Colored Eyes Day
National Different Coloured Eyes Day was founded by Jeanne Quinn of B Able Inc in an effort to raise awareness for heterochromia and to celebrate the true uniqueness of those with the condition.
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