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National Disability Independence Day - 2021-07-26
What is National Disability Independence Day?
The introduction of the ADA was a monumental moment in the history of the fight for equal rights for people with disabilities. The act protects people with disabilities from employment and workplace discrimination and allows for better access to goods, services, and communications. After the signing of the act, several other barriers were broken down to allow people with disabilities to live better and easier lives. Soon, public bathrooms were being built with wider doorways to allow for access with wheelchairs, buildings were made with ramps as well as stairs, and crosswalks were equipped with signs in braille to allow for the safety of visually impaired people. These changes not only made life more comfortable for those in our communities who have disabilities but also inspired other designers and architects to make their technology more accessible. On this very important day, take a moment to learn more about the disabled people's rights movement and those who inspired and pioneered it.
When is National Disability Independence Day?
On the anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, July 26th, we celebrate National Disability Independence Day.
History of National Disability Independence Day
National Disability Independence Day commemorates the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act which was created in 1990.
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