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National Disc Jockey Day - 2022-01-20
What is National Disc Jockey Day?
January 20 is National DJ Day. On this day, we celebrate amateur and professional DJs who spin the records and play groovy music at the right time. The music is usually played in front of a live audience, but televised or recorded music sessions are also available. There are many types of DJs. The most common are club DJs, radio DJs, party DJs, and turntablists — who play music by manipulating records on turntables. On January 20, the world celebrates DJing and influential DJs. But the day also marks the death anniversary of one of the world’s most iconic disc jockeys — Alan Freed, aka ‘Moondog.’ He was famous for pushing rock 'n' roll music and popularizing DJing.  
When is National Disc Jockey Day?
History of National Disc Jockey Day
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