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National Dissertation Day - 2022-04-26
What is National Dissertation Day?
Every year, April 26th is National Dissertation Day. It's a good opportunity for students to be reminded that they should never stop studying or learning new things. The end goal is always to complete their dissertation and graduate. A doctorate was first awarded in Paris in the mid-12th century. A couple of centuries later, the Ph.D. made its way to Germany and is now awarded in the U.S. There are multiple kinds of doctoral degrees that fall into two main categories: research and professional practice. Many people decide to continue their education, but they don't want to enroll in a PhD program. Instead, they choose to get a DBA degree in business administration, an EdD degree in education, or a DNP degree in nursing. People are also getting PsyD degrees in psychology. Regardless of the school or program, every student must complete an in-depth research project and then write a book-length paper. The dissertation is based on the master-apprentice relationship of medieval trade guilds. It is the culmination of the doctoral process. As you’re nearing the end of your doctoral program, it’s time to start thinking about completing your dissertation. With National Dissertation Day approaching, use this opportunity to begin thinking of your dissertation as a project that will help you make an impact on the world.
When is National Dissertation Day?
National Dissertation Day is observed on Tuesday, April 26th!
History of National Dissertation Day
In 2018, Dr. Russell Strickland created National Dissertation Day as a way to highlight the importance of adopting a professional, even mercenary, approach to completing one’s dissertation.
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