National Dive Bar Day

July 7, 2021

What Is National Dive Bar Day?

The dive bar is one of the nation’s most classic hangout spots. We all have our favourite, our local, where we can go at any time and find some of our greatest friends and relive our sweetest memories. Decades later, we can surely find our trusty bar right in its spot waiting for us. We observe this national day in appreciation of dive bars that have kept us going this long, and dive bars to come. Have a drink today, snap some pics, and share using #NationalDiveBarDay.

When Is National Dive Bar Day?

On July 7th, pour one out for an old time favourite hangout spot, the dive bar!

History Of National Dive Bar Day

National Dive Bar Day was founded by Seagram’s Seven Crown in honor of dive bars nationwide and to recognise them as an American past time. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Dive Bar Day to be observed annually in 2018.


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