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National Do Something Nice Day - 2021-10-05
What is National Do Something Nice Day?
Kindness costs nothing. That is something we’re taught as kids. Doing something nice (however small) for someone else will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Whether that involves volunteering or simply greeting a stranger, you never know how your actions can truly affect others in the most positive ways. Offer a compliment, read a book to a child, or give a friend a bunch of flowers - just because, for no reason at all. Acts of kindness often have a knock-on effect with more and more people doing nice things for others because of something you did for them. National Do Something Nice Day recognizes people’s generosity. Brightening someone's day will help you. You, too, can join in by doing something as simple as letting someone into traffic or picking up a newspaper for a neighbor. No matter how big or small the act, it is the thought that counts and the joy it brings to others.
When is National Do Something Nice Day?
National Do Something Nice Day is celebrated on October 5th annually. And, we hope it spreads to all other days of the year too.
History of National Do Something Nice Day
This day has no known origin, but we will continue to research where it came from and who started it.
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