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National Doctors Day - 2021-03-30
What is National Doctors Day?
On March 30th, National Doctors Day honors doctors for their dedication and contribution to society and the community. We say, “Thank you” to our doctors for their dedication to us, putting us first time and again. Today, healthcare is more complex than ever. Doctors have to deal with advanced technologies and information that are available to them all year long. The best way to honor the ones who take care of us 365 days a year is to thank them for their hard work. In every community, doctors improve the health of patients. In cities, in rural communities, in the military, and in hospitals, doctors help us get better. Doctors are heroes. They work long hours, handle emergencies, and spend their lives committed to the health of their communities. Make sure to thank your doctor today for all they do.
When is National Doctors Day?
National Doctors Day is observed on April 30th!
History of National Doctors Day
 It’s Doctors Day, when people honor doctors for their service in the community. It was started by Eudora Brown Almond in 1933 in Georgia. She wanted to celebrate the hard work that doctors do. The red carnation is the official flower of Doctors Day.
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