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National Dog Day - 2021-08-26
What is National Dog Day?
Dogs of all breeds, mixed and pure-bred, deserve to live happy, abuse-free lives. They deserve to be loved and safe, and live healthily with their owners. Many days advocate for love and safety for dogs, but this specific day is for dogs of all breeds. Many animal shelters are filled with popular breeds that families bought on a whim, and later discovered they could not care for properly. It is heartbreaking and devastating for both the dogs who are being abandoned and the shelter workers who watch them suffer day after day. To celebrate this day, do what you can to support the shelters in your area, whether with donations or by adopting an animal who needs a home desperately.
When is National Dog Day?
National Dog Day on August 26th celebrates all breeds and their well-being.
History of National Dog Day
Pet expert Colleen Paige founded National Dog Day in 2004 with the aim of spreading love and respect for all dogs and breeds.
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