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National Dolphin Day - 2022-04-14
What is National Dolphin Day?
Today is National Dolphin Day. Dolphins are social animals that are intelligent and friendly. Dolphins are marine mammals that are related to whales and porpoises. They can be as small as 4 feet or as large as 30 feet. They are found worldwide in many different oceans. Dolphins have a well-developed sense of touch. In addition to acute eyesight, they have a high level of hearing. Their sense of touch is so advanced that they have free nerve endings that are densely packed in the skin. This enables dolphins to hear frequencies that are ten times more than the upper limit of what humans can. Dolphins are social animals that travel in groups of up to a dozen. They also use a special nasal air sac just below the blowhole to produce a variety of sounds. Dolphins often gather in superpods when there is plenty of food. Dolphins are known to leap out of the water for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is when they are traveling. By jumping, dolphins save energy, because there is less friction while in the air. They also leap to get a better look at their surroundings. Dolphins also leap to socialize with other dolphins or to display their strength. You may have even seen them leap just for fun.  
When is National Dolphin Day?
National Dolphin Day is celebrated annually on April 14th!
History of National Dolphin Day
The National Dolphin Day is a part of the American Veterinary Medical Association Pet Health Awareness Events.
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