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National Doorbell Day - 2021-10-31
What is National Doorbell Day?
Did you know? The first electric doorbell was invented in 1831 by Joseph Henry, an American scientist who went on to become the first Secretary of Smithsonian Institution. Doorbells are a common sight at homes all around the world, but they have been present for centuries before that. It was not until the 19th century when people started to use these devices as an alert system in case there is someone knocking on your door or ringing the bell outside - just like how we do today!
When is National Doorbell Day?
National Doorbell Day is celebrated on October 31st annually.
History of National Doorbell Day
It's National Doorbell Day! On October 31st, you'll be happy to know that your doorbell is ringing more than any other day of the year. Why? Well, it all has something to do with this guy who invented them way back in 1879 - Mark Lippincott.
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