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National Doughnut Day - 2021-11-05
What is National Doughnut Day?
Donut or doughnut. No matter the spelling, the deliciousness isn’t affected. Doughnuts are a favorite of cops, adults, and children across America. The doughnut was first referred to in the written word in 1809 in Washington Irving’s book History of New York. In it, he referred to little balls of fried dough. We refer to these little balls as doughnut holes, which is another delicious treat to come from the doughnut. Doughnuts are versatile and are made with a variety of toppings, glazes, and flavors. With only your imagination as the limit, the options are endless. What is your favorite doughnut? National Doughnut Day celebrates all things doughnut related. Try a new recipe, whip up a batch of doughnuts for friends, and have them over for coffee. Buy a doughnut from your local bakery and share your pictures on social media using #DoughnutDay.
When is National Doughnut Day?
Dessert lovers unite to celebrate the humble doughnut on November 5th each year.
History of National Doughnut Day
We don’t know who is responsible for this day but will continue to research its origins.
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