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National Drive-Thru Day - 2021-07-24
What is National Drive-Thru Day?
The drive-thru was invented in the 1930's, and reached its peak popularity in the 1950's, but never actually faded into obscurity all through the 60's and into modern day. At our core, we all love an opportunity to be a little lazy and the ease and convenience of the drive-thru makes it so that we can drop off and pick up items or food in minutes! It doesn't get easier than that. Whether you use a drive-thru for food, mail, pharmacy items, or anything else you can think of, take a moment today to appreciate its existence as a whole.
When is National Drive-Thru Day?
July 24th happens to be National Drive-Thru Day, which recognises an innovation that we still love today.
History of National Drive-Thru Day
Jack in the Box, the first American establishment to introduce a drive-thru, created National Drive-Thru Day to celebrate America's love of the convenience and ease.
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