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National East Meets West Day - 2022-04-25
What is National East Meets West Day?
On April 25th, a day was created to commemorate WWII. It's also known as Elbe Day. This day celebrates the meeting of the Eastern and Western Fronts on the River Elbe. It was an important step toward ending World War II. World War II had been raging for over six years. During the previous year, several events had begun turning the tides of the war against the Axis powers. In April of 1945, the Allies were marching toward peace. However, it would require a coordinated effort from both American troops in the East and Soviet armies from the West. The war had been going on for years, but in April 1945, the Allies were finally starting to win. American and Soviet troops had begun to coordinate attacks in the East and West. The war would be over by the end of the year, but it would take one last coordinated effort to win. The commanders of the units ordered their soldiers not to come into contact with each other. They were to remain on their eastern and western banks of the river while officers from separate divisions worked out who would be in charge of Berlin. When the two armies met on April 25th, 1945, south of Berlin and outside Torgau on the River Elbe, a small boat ferried soldiers from both sides to see what was going on. The first to make contact were American Lieutenant Albert Kotzebue and Soviet Colonel Alexander Gardiev along with their commands.  
When is National East Meets West Day?
Observed annually on April 25th, National East Meets West Day
History of National East Meets West Day
On the 65th anniversary of Elbe Day, U.S. and Russian presidents sent a joint statement to commemorate this historic event. Elbe Day is always an important day in Torgau, Germany. People there commemorate it by holding ceremonies and events annually.
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