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National Eat a Cranberry Day - 2021-11-23
What is National Eat a Cranberry Day?
On November 23rd, everyone can enjoy this delicious fruit in honor of all things saintly and powerful—from Saint Barbara to Santa Claus himself (or herself). This year I'm looking forward to eating some fresh berries while watching my favorite holiday movie: "It's A Wonderful Life." We have tons more reasons than ever before not only for enjoying but also giving thanks during Thanksgiving so please take part today by tasting these scrumptious little pink gems that will make anyone think about what they're thankful for when it comes down right before dinner time rolls around again next week. Cranberries are one of the few fruits native to North America that grow nowhere else! Cranberry juice has many health benefits. The 5 states known for growing cranberries are Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey Oregon and Washington (if you're wondering why there's not 6th state- it becomes too soggy). Not only do these tangy treats have small pockets where air seeps into which allows them float but they also can't survive in water like other plants would if left exposed at sea level either - giving another reason I'm glad this fruit got me through my childhood illnesses...
When is National Eat a Cranberry Day?
Get your cranberry on! National Eat a Cranberry Day is just around the corner. On November 23rd.
History of National Eat a Cranberry Day
Cranberries have been a staple of mealtime for centuries. They were first cultivated in 1607 by the Hegstroms, who grew them near their home on behalf of settlers from Sweden and Norway fleeing religious persecution during Europe's Protestant Reformation!
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